2012 Flex Gym Bench/Deadlift Meet


This picture kind of says it all!!  Saturday was a perfect day for 80 lifters to showcase their talents.  Teams from Flex, Powerhouse Gym and Booker T. Washington High School plus many “independents” participated in the biggest meet flex has ever put on.

14 meet records were broken in the bench meet and 12 records fell in the deadlift meet.

Fred Littlejohn put on a show with his 735# deadlift, Kenny benched 400# at a body weight of 181#, Wanda, Lesa, Nicole, Muriel and Laura showed that power lifting is not for men only!!  New teen lifter Siappy Mann represented the younger crowd with some great lifts.  The list goes on and on as Flex records, meet records and personal bests were crushed.  Al and I are so proud of all of our lifters and thank you for keeping the Team trophy at home in Flex where it belongs.

We couldn’t have done it without our generous sponsors, judges, weight loaders, spotters and expeditors.  Special tanks to Rachael for stepping up and running the tabulations. Great job in new territory for her.  Bill Francis as the announcer kept us all in line with a little help from Jeff Turner, our long time head judge.

If you weren’t here as a particpant or a spectator, you missed quite a show this year. Stay tuned for the date of next year’s meet in spring of 2013.  We would love to see you as a lifter or a supporter.

Thanks – you guys are the best!!

Deadlift Results

Bench Press Results