2017 Flex Gyms Bench and Deadlift Classic

-Weigh-Ins: April 28th, 6pm-8pm & April 29th, 7:30am-9:00Am

-Rules Meeting: April 29th 9:30am

-Lifting begins 10am

-Entry Fee: $45.00 ($55.00 after April 22nd) cross over division additional $20.00, Team fee $45.00 per team (minimum 3 lifters, maximum 10 lifters per team)

-Not Allowed: bench shirts, gloves, elbow sleeves, deadlift suits, knee wraps, lifting straps

-Allowed: wrist wraps, belts and knee sleeves

-Entry forms available by clicking here or by stopping by Flex Gym

If you have any questions please call Rachel Podruchny or Zach Smith at 757-631-2445